03 Jul

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To someone who doesn’t know much about writing companies, quotes of $6 and statements like ‘the best ever writing service’ is the best news ever. To me who has ordered online more than I can count, the price is the reddest flag ever. This, in fact, is the lowest one I have seen and the service Writingessayeast.com actually has it.

First, I started with the WritingEssayEast website. To me, most of their statement were unnecessary and at times, cheesy. What kind of a statement from a professional service is ‘East or West – essay is best’? But, this is irrelevant data, so I let it slide. Let’s see what happened when I check the remaining features for my Writingessayeast review.

Range of Services

This was the easy part – the services are right there on the home page and at the same time, I was able to instantly calculate the price. This is the good part I found out about Writing Essay East. The service list is amongst the biggest I have checked so far and it offers everything I could ever need. They have essays and dissertations, research papers and term papers, and even services like speech and synopsis.

Pricing, Discounts and Payment Policies

The pricing is the most appealing part about the company. It’s probably also the reason for the thousands of Writing Essay East reviews I came across, even though these were mostly negative. To be more realistic, they were devastatingly negative. But, I’ll discuss this in the quality section.

As I said, the lowest price is $6. You don’t have to have ordered often to know that this is exceptionally cheap. The companies that have impressed me with the service charge at least three times more for the same service, which is an undergraduate essay within a 14-day deadline.

The other two options are Bachelor and Professional, the latter including Master’s and PhD program students. It’s strange that they put these two in the same quality category since the demands with PhD papers are often much more complex than those of Master’s.

Regardless, it’s still cheaper than I ever imagined. Essays for the highest level and a deadline of 2 weeks are $10 here and that’s without any discounts added to it. Even a dissertation costs as much, while other companies charge four times this price when you order it two weeks before the deadline.

These prices are too good to be true. They are so low, it’s simply unnatural and unrealistic. What type of writer would do your dissertation within 2 days for $10 for a page? This will sound strange, but I actually hoped not to find discounts at this point. That would make this less questionable.

Thankfully, right now there aren’t discounts. But, in reviews I read that they also have discounts at certain times throughout the year.

Writers’ Qualifications and Content Quality

It’s not as if I expected much after the prices, but I can even say that $10 was too much for the writer who did my research paper. Something that was supposed to be a Professional level content was no more than a copied page from a website online, scribbled wording, and no editing at all.


Plagiarism is forbidden and this company definitely beat all others in the percentage I found – 72% plagiarism. The quality was so bad, I couldn’t understand the paper. What I could understand were the plagiarized parts.

Meeting Deadlines

This part went well, but what’s the point? The paper was impossible to fix because it wasn’t original or well-written. I decided not to send it back because the writer obviously knew little English. When you think of the price they offer, I should have seen this coming. Still, the fine promises they made gave me hope that the quality would at least be average. Instead, it was extremely low.

Support Service

Support is said to be available non-stop, but they take too much to answer. There’s no phone number or live chat, so the only way to get in touch is by filling a contact form and waiting for them to respond via e-mail.

The first time I did this, they responded 4 hours later. This is unacceptable, but it isn’t the worst thing. When I did it for the second time (once I received that horrendous content), they took their time. In fact, I’m still waiting for a response weeks later.


To me, the behavior of Writingessayeast.com is completely unacceptable. They have prices that are very low, so you can’t expect too much. But, they deliver the worst content that’s mostly plagiarized and take no responsibility for it. In fact, their support doesn’t even respond when you complain about the quality. Because of all this, I’d never recommended it to anyone.