23 Aug

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There’s nothing more annoying to me than a service that makes vague statements. So, when I read the statement of usessaywriters.com that said: ‘Have top 2% experts write your essay’. Top 2% of what?

I went through the entire homepage hoping that they’d elaborate on this statement. But, the rest of the content was the same with all other companies. They promise great papers, US experts, amazing prices, and whatnot.

This is obviously what every company of this kind has promised me, so all that I had left to do was actually check how trustworthy they are. In my USessaywriters review, you’ll learn all about them.


Soon after, I found the information behind those 2%. The percentage is some kind of a math calculation based on how they hire writers. It cannot be vaguer than what they’ve shown on their pages. Apparently, they have a credential check part, phone call interview, and a language test to determine the eligibility of their writers. According to their silly calculations, this means that they have the top 2% of all writing companies, which is really, really unlikely.

If they did, they’d have a much better reputation. The part that was worse than this is that there’s a page that explains this, but not a page that lists services. So, I had to scour their pages for a while to see what they have to offer me. The only way to see the options is when you order, and their list isn’t big at all. In fact, it has only the basics, with the option to ask them for a different paper and see if they approve.


Thankfully, there was a pricing page. But, the page was also vague. UsEssayWriters has decided to only tell its visitors their initial prices. To get an actual price for your order, you need to send in the details and wait for them to get in touch with you. It’s annoying and time-consuming when companies do this, and I really can’t understand why they won’t simply share their rates.

This also means that they have no discounts. There’s no fixed price for anything and even their lowest priced offers aren’t specified. So, there’s no discount. When they sent me my quote, I was told I am getting 10% off as a new customer. Without knowing what their prices are, how do I know if this is true or not?

If you are wondering what their ‘sample prices’ are, here is all you’ll find on the website:

  • $17.55 per page for writing
  • $11.70 per page for editing
  • $9.96 per page for proofreading

These are the starting prices and the quote I got was much, much higher. Without discounts, even these prices can be considered high.


The writing process was as slow as the ordering. It’s not common for companies to make students wait for a price, but they did this time. Then, I waited longer than I should have for the actual order.

This literally means that they should have refunded me because they missed a deadline, but they never did. In fact, most Us Essay Writers reviews spoke of a similar problem and none of their issues were resolved.

As for the quality of the essay I received, it was average. I got a quote of over $25 for a page for a college level, which was unacceptable for such a long deadline and such quality.


Thankfully, this is where they hadn’t failed me. The paper had 4% of plagiarism, which is fixable.


As I mentioned, Us Essay Writers failed to meet my deadline. They delayed the delivery by one entire day. This would make many miss a deadline, so the paper will do them no good.


I saw that the delays are common here, so I understood at this point why they aren’t as popular as they should be if they worked with the top 2% of all writers. They don’t even come close – especially with their support that hardly ever responds and took no measures to fix my problems.


The quality at usessaywriters did not meet my expectations when I paid the quote they requested. The service was terrible, too – a delayed paper and an order process that lasts forever. Since the support did nothing about my issue, I never got the refund I expected. The only good thing was the fact that they met a deadline and have a nice-looking website.