The Real Reason Why Does College Cost So Much

Nowadays, college costs are getting higher year by year due to economic changes around the world. Due to this problem, parents are starting to save money for their children even from the first day of their kids’ lives.

However, in some countries, the state offers students loans for their four years of college, giving them the chance to pay their mortgage only if their working salary will become more significant than a few hundreds of dollars. If not, they do not have to pay for it. In other countries where the education level isn’t high enough, the state covers each student’s college fees without asking them for money back. With this free college program, they hope that they can grow the education level in those countries.

Is The Cost Of College Too High After All?

Opinions differ from person to person. If you think that investing money in four years of studies gets you a stable job and a life of constant money flow, college costs aren’t so high. But it all depends on how you look at life. In the end, we must admit that college education is essential for everybody to have an excellent job and raise their knowledge level.

Why Does College Cost So Much?

The simple answer is: the economy. All things are getting increasingly expensive. Also, college teachers need more money for their jobs. And also because college isn’t for everyone. I mean that you need to have a minimum level of knowledge to start college, and the conditions to do it as well. But here it comes another fact the: the college ranking, as top colleges ask for more money for you studying there.

Is College Worth It?

Is College Worth It

You don’t have to attend a high ranking college under any circumstances. However, it will help you get the job that you want way easier. A better college means a better chance to succeed. If you don’t have the opportunity to do it though, attending a community college is a good option as well. The important thing for most employers is your having a college diploma. Sad, but true. It proves you had the determination to complete given tasks, listen to orders, and improve many of your skills. So when you ask is college worth it, you must think about all the possibilities available for you in both cases: if and if you do not choose to attend it.

The world progresses at a fast pace, so we need to have new prepared engineers, doctors and more high quality workers to supply the need for this fast growing development of infrastructure of the surrounding areas. However, there are still a lot of students who prefer living for four years at thousands of kilometers away from their homes only because that specific school is cheaper than it is in their towns or cities. Anyhow, these students understand why college education is important, so they decide to attend regardless of the distance.

In any university, research is of chief importance, and a very considerable percentage of the money from students are going to be invested in the college development again and again.

Why Should People Go To College Then?

Why Should People Go To College ThenAnother problem nowadays is that a lot of students finish their colleges but can’t find a job in their domain. This is one reason why a lot of students must search for a different position after completing their four years of learning. They have to search for usual employment, but not for what they have been prepared. So why exactly should people go to college? Because the employers demand it. Getting a well-paid job without a college degree is close to impossible.

I think that this college system needs some changes because you waste a lot of time at the university learning old stuff just because the new material can’t be determined by the most of the teachers. This is the real problem for most of us; we lose about four years in college to have a diploma at the end. But does it serve us any good? You might as well be an engineer with zero hours of work in your domain.

If you question me, you don’t need four years of school. Two or three might be enough. We need to change the learning system, and we need to do it fast to see better outcomes and more practical results. Why is college so expensive and why is education important should be two of the first questions we ask right after high school graduation.

College is essential because we need to have a minimum training level for our future jobs. Is college worth it? Yes. Is it too expensive? In some countries it is. Is it a critical point in getting our dream jobs? Yes, it is. So, go to college, pay your debts, and excel in your field. That’s all you can do for now.