18 Oct

SuperiorPapers.com review

SuperiorPapers.com Review


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It wasn’t a long time ago that I’ve first tested the academic writing with SuperiorPapers Ever since I’ve been ordering more and more papers. Thanks to the impression their writers left with me, I barely do any of my papers without their help anymore.

My research of the company began with a review of their website. If you open superiorpapers.com, you will see what any other student sees – a great website design and offers that instantly catch your eye. But, this is basically what every similar company does, making design the least relevant factors of them all. This is where I proceeded with my research.

Range of Services

Superior Papers makes no limitations as to what you can order and where you can get that order. It is a company that works for everyone from high school to doctoral studies students. This means that the list is very long and allows for a vast choice of essays, research papers, movie reviews, book reviews, and even dissertations.

superiorpapers.com services

Pricing, Discounts and Payment Policies

The most surprising and at the same time, amazing thing about superiorpapers.com is that discount they give first-time customers. I don’t say regulars don’t get good discounts for getting back to them, but when I got my first essay, I got 20% off. There’s hardly a service that’s willing to go that much lower to build your trust.

When they build your trust, you actually get to pay the prices in their pricelist, but once again with discounts. After the third order, I became a ruby member and soon after, a diamond member. Every once in a while, the company adds something extra to this discount, such as a discount on proofreading or some of the other extra paid services you can get.

Without the discounts, the prices can seem high. In fact, $17.99 as the cheapest offer is high for most students, including me. But, the first time was unexpectedly cheap due to that discount, and I only had to pay a full price on my second and third order. For the quality I got in return, I believe that even that was a good investment.

Writers’ Qualifications and Content Quality

The writers’ qualifications are the greatest judged by content quality. Superior Papers seems to have it all together thanks to those writers and the policy for free revisions. It was only once that I requested a revision on a paper and got it in a day, which is something I can hardly say for other companies I’ve reviewed.

I ordered a 5 pages historical essay. My paper was delivered before the deadline, the writer follows the instructions as the result delivered the perfect essay that needs no more work from myself. Work with good research and proper referencing, excellent grammar and writing style.

Speaking of writers’ qualifications, I believe that the reason for the consistency in delivering quality is the fact that they are all native and well-educated. The company claims, that they have MA and PhD writers and based on what I’ve received so far, I believe them.


Plagiarism is strictly forbidden in every school, and so is at this writing service. I’ve found no single sign of plagiarism so far, and I use plagiarism checkers to make sure that the companies don’t steal content.

Moreover, this service has a high reputation based on the guarantees, one of which is the one against plagiarism.

Meeting Deadlines

Deadline hasn’t been an issue with Superiorpapers.com. Not for me, and not for anyone who ever left feedback online. The reputation about prices or quality can stray based on different opinions, but as I previously said my essay was delivered before the deadline.

Support Service

Reaching the support service is important, perhaps most important when you are expecting a paper within a given deadline. This is especially frustrating for those who order for the very first time, since naturally, they are a bit scared that the company might miss their deadlines.

The first time I ordered here, I was worried as always. But a minute after writing on the live chat, I got a response from a very nice person, which turned out to be one of the many agents who work there. Superiorpapers has a non-stop support from live chat and phone agents and has numerous methods for contact customers can use. Thankfully, the agents are very well informed and respond quickly, leaving no room for worries.


Out of the many companies I’ve tested and reviewed at this point, Superiorpapers.com is by far one of the greatest ones. They ranked highly in terms of quality, which is the most important feature a company can have, but also for the great discounts and a customer service without competition. Some students might find the prices a bit too high, to begin with, but the good news is – discounts make it all worth it.