10 May

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The first time the search for a company gave me Speedy Paper as an option, I had never heard of this service. But, once I checked the site and read some Speedypaper reviews on it, I was left with a nice impression and I almost instantly ordered. It was a short time after that I discovered things that weren’t so obvious in the beginning. That’s when I started researching for my own Speedy Paper review and decided to share the findings with you all.

Range of Services

Speedypaper.com is very satisfactory in this sense. Their range of different services is big and goes further than just academic help. I found this to be strange and unprofessional since, in my experience, a service needs to specialize in a certain field and focus on it. Speedypaper.com seems to focus on many fields and as a result, they have a very limited, yet very negative reputation behind them.

Pricing, Discounts and Payment Policies

If you’re searching for a price page, something I always do when I check a company, you won’t find it here. But, you can easily see what a paper would cost you on their calculator. It is right there on the homepage and the results will probably satisfy every student who visits.

An undergraduate essay with a deadline of 14 days costs no more than $11 per page and from my experience, there aren’t hidden costs. I did order to be able to provide you with a real-time and realistic Speedypaper review and I can say this with certainty – the prices are attractive. Discounts only add to this, but unfortunately, it all makes it too good to be true.

I’ve learned it the hard way – the truth about the cheap companies. By now, I haven’t seen a company that’s both very cheap and very good. It’s contradictory and unrealistic, but I still had my expectations high.

Now, discounts are tricky, too. This time, I found one that gave customers 10% if they added a discount code to the order, but it seems that all their discounts come in the form of limited special offers. Most of the time, students can’t get any discount at all.

Writers’ Qualifications and Content Quality

The discounts or the lack of them wouldn’t be any issue if the quality were good. Their prices are low in the first place, much lower than most companies have offered me in return for a good paper. In this case, the price was a red flag I should have followed. The paper was of horrible, devastating quality.

First of all, it was delayed for over three hours. This is unacceptable when you have a deadline to meet. Second of all, it didn’t look like a research paper, even though that’s what I ordered. The structure was much disorganized, the instructions weren’t even looked at, and the writer used only 10 sources in a research paper of 20 pages.

This doesn’t even begin to explain the number of mistakes I found in it. The plagiarism detector found over 15% plagiarism in the paper and the errors exceeded a number of 70. It was a very badly written, plagiarized paper that wasn’t worth the money I paid for it.


As I said, I found some plagiarism in the paper. This is unacceptable and the support service fixed it after a short while. However, their revision did not improve the quality, not at all.

Meeting Deadlines

Deadlines also seem to be an issue with this particular company. They missed my deadline of three days by hours, but it was still bad enough because I actually needed the paper. Students don’t have the luxury to order days ahead to make sure that a service will deliver on time – that’s what guarantees should be there for.

Support Service

In this case, the guarantees are false. I know this because I spoke to a support agent, one who was supposed to help me. The agent responded fast, that wasn’t an issue. The issue was that he didn’t take any measures to fix my problem or even apologize. The revision that was approved hours after

I asked for it was sent back that same day. Only the plagiarism was removed. All the errors remained in my paper, and the structure was equally horrific as it was when they first sent it.

When I contacted them again, the agent became rude and told me that I would have already missed my deadline and it doesn’t make sense that I’m asking for another revision. It was the most frustrating thing I’ve ever heard.


Speedypaper isn’t a trustworthy service for several reasons. Firstly, they offer low rates, but the discounts aren’t fixed and come rarely. Secondly, their writers’ qualifications are very low. Finally, none of their guarantees stick and the support is very rude and unprofessional.