05 Nov

PapersOwl.com review

PapersOwl.com Review


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I really like the option to choose my writer, it gives me some idea of having power. Of course, I can’t always do this because it takes most of the time I don’t really have, choosing the writers and looking into the bidders. Still, it is refreshing when you consider that most just take your order and choose everything for you. Unfortunately, I still haven’t found a company like that which I genuinely like, but Papersowl.com looked quite alright when I looked at their site.

Range of Services

One of the greatest things I know about bidding companies isn’t that you get to choose a writer, but that they don’t limit you in anything. They don’t set the prices before you order and there isn’t any limitation as to what you can ask for. Basically, I had to just add my instructions, as detailed or vague as they are, and wait for their available writers to determine if they can do the job for me and at what cost.

This means no limitations, which literally means any paper you need. And while there is sure no guarantee that you’ll get the bidders, which is always a concern to me when I test out a new company to write my papers, I did get a lot of bids here. So, I can assume PapersOwl has many writers and that others get many bids, too.

Pricing, Discounts and Payment Policies

Pricing is also vague here. Basically, there isn’t much you can learn from any of these bidding websites, so it only comes down to how good and trustworthy it looks to you. At least, until you find out what their service is like, which comes up after you pay and choose and get your paper.

So, while there is no pricing they could offer, not even an example of it, the bids I got on the research paper I requested were pretty much in the same range – cheap. It is as if they bid with who would give a lower bid, not who can write the paper best.

It also means no discounts, but they aren’t really necessary when you get bids of less than $10 for a page for a college level. You can hardly get such rates anywhere, so discounts aren’t really necessary in this case.

Papers Owl loyalty program would surely sound great considering that you might want to get papers often if you like them, but since you’d have to wait for bids over and over again, the risk would be too high that you’ll come across a not-so-great writer. Thankfully, you can actually choose the same writer, which is not something you get in all similar companies.

Writers’ Qualifications and Content Quality

My specific content quality was low despite the extraordinary qualifications and the vast experience that I read about in the profile of the bidder I chose. It seems like their profiles aren’t very reliable because there is no way my writer is native in English, not to mention a PhD graduate or a writer students ranked so high. I believe this is debatable, but the quality was far too low for it to be true.
It is the turning point of my evaluations when I get such content quality. If the quality was bad but I chose a writer with less experience, I would think that perhaps the company hired a bad writer and that’s all. But, if they give fake profiles to customers to attract more of them, it makes them as big a fraud as the writer himself.


Thankfully, they have this strong guarantee against plagiarism and I guess the writers stand by it. The quality was horrendous, but there was up to 10% of plagiarism in my research paper.

Meeting Deadlines

The deadline was delayed by several hours, not critical but not on time. If it weren’t for the quality and those profiles, it would have been ok to order here again. My deadline was set for a week from the moment that I sent the order.

Support Service

As you know, the writer gave me almost an original research paper and met the delay the deadline for 3 hours, and for the end, the quality was less than satisfactory. Because of all those guarantees PapersOwl.com brags about, I contacted their support service to ask for instructions about what to do at that point. They literally tossed me aside. Not ignored me, but told me I don’t even get a revision, not to mention a refund. Apparently, I had to speak to my writer and ask him to do a revision for me, which of course, he didn’t even reply to.


Papersowl.com is supposed to be the mediator in the bidding process. Instead, they don’t take responsibility over bad papers, even though they aren’t thorough about their writers’ profiles in the first place.