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PaperNow.org review

papernow.org review


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In my preliminary search for the reputation of Papernow.org, something I do before I order from any paper, I found only a few comments from peer students who have used it. They were all average and some were really bad. Now, this means that either it was too new to have many customers, or that they aren’t really as great as they say they are. To learn the answer, I made my order from PaperNow.

Range of Services

Paper Now excels in this part. Their list is huge and right there, on the homepage of the website. It has all I might need, even if I needed it years ago, in high school. It basically takes you from high school to University, and even writes PhD papers like a dissertation or chapters of it for you. This is good news for me since I am in a continuous search for companies that are worthy of my money and my trust, so it is a good start.

Pricing, Discounts and Payment Policies

The services were a good start, but the prices are an even better follow-up. You wouldn’t believe these prices and, if you have my experience with companies of the kind, you’d be a little bit concerned. At this point, I haven’t seen a company with this kind of rates that also had great writers. It simply doesn’t fit, once you think about it.

Even so, it meant that I won’t spend a fortune, even if the results aren’t really great. So, I checked their list of rates and picked my paper and the deadline – a college research paper within two weeks, which had an original price of $16.7 for a page. I say original because they added a tiny discount to it, which made it less than I paid for my high school papers I got from other services

Originally, I thought they had no discounts because there isn’t such information on their site. Some companies do this and once you ask them, they might offer you a discount to entice you to buy. If you don’t ask them and order, it’s even better for them. I find it frustrating and really unfair to the customers, and an obvious con since a writing company has no discounts for anyone, not even the loyal customers.

The discount was tiny, as I said, and I didn’t get it until I made my order. They gave me 5% off, which is the lowest you can get in my experience, but it was fine because the prices are more than reasonable. Still, I don’t think that they give the same discount to everyone, since they wouldn’t ask me about the order details before they handed me the offer.

Writers’ Qualifications and Content Quality

Writers’ qualifications are supposed to be great from what the company says, but it is also not true. Many things are vague and false about PaperNow.org, and I learned this the hard way – after paying them money for a bad, bad paper.

When I said that it would not be a big deal to pay that low sum even if the paper wasn’t great, I didn’t expect such low quality. It was so low, I could hardly make sense of most of it. I now believe that PaperNow is one of those services who hire non-native, not-so-fluent writers with the goal to pay them less and earn more. That’s how they get those low rates, I assume.


The software I used to detect plagiarism told me that the research paper I received was 20% plagiarized, which is a problem. After the first free revision, which was finally a good thing I learned about this company, it was reduced to 16%, which again, was not good. This is unacceptable by me and my professors, so I am not sure how great their revision policy is, either.

Meeting Deadlines

Meeting deadlines was also a problem with Papernow.org. They miss my deadline for 5 hour, not critical but without the quality and reliability and the many fraudulent statements I come across when I first looked at their site, I don’t think that a deadline was the biggest fail in terms of my experience.

Support service

The support service is a good thing about Paper Now, or at least, the best it can be about a company with bad writers. They gave me the revision approval immediately, but the actual revision arrived three days later and it was still bad. Still, I wouldn’t judge them for it because the agents did their job well. In my opinion, the company and its writers failed doing their job, not the customer service.


Papernow.org might have the right name for themselves because they send papers in timely manner, but it isn’t good when you look at the whole picture. They have non-fluent writers and a terrible, terrible revision policy, as well as many lies on their website that make me not want to return there to order again.