How We Rate and Review

We employ a complex assessment method which evaluates a number of aspects of a writing service. Every aspect is evaluated on a scale from 1 to 10. The overall rank is deducted as an average of the sum of the respective grades in different categories.

Our method of assessment is based on the fundamental qualities which every online writing service is expected to excel in:

  • range of writing services;
  • pricing, discounts and payment policies;
  • writers’ qualifications and content quality;
  • plagiarism prevention;
  • meeting deadlines;
  • support service.

The combination of these aspects affects the final rating of the online paper writing service.

Range of Writing Services

The range of writing formats supported by a writing service is probably the most crucial criterion. Not only does it show whether a writing service could be able to cover all of the students’ needs, but it points towards other possible problems as well. A writing service not providing a wide range of formats might point towards an insufficient number of writers and inability to meet deadlines, incompetency or lack of qualification from the writers’ side, inability to cover a wide range of topics and different branches of science, etc.

A proper writing service should be able to cover a wide range of formats, from academic writing – articles and article reviews, book reviews, research papers, research proposals, reports, etc., to dissertations, homework assistance, coursework, and even rewriting, editing and proofreading.

Pricing, Discounts and Payment Policies

Reliable writing platforms clearly state the price for each and every one of their services. It is crucial that the prices reflect the difficulty and the length of the writing task. Moreover, every professional paper writing service should provide a clear and use-friendly system so that the customer could choose between the range of services offered.

Another important feature of every professional writing service is the discount offers. Professional platforms always reward customer loyalty, showing not only that they respect returning customers, but also that they are in the profession for the long run.

Most importantly, reliable writing services have strict and clear terms and conditions of payment. They always offer a secure method of payment to secure customer satisfaction, such as one-week revision guarantee, refund policy in case a client is not satisfied, etc.

Writers’ Qualifications and Content Quality

Not only do high-quality writing services offer extensive lists of samples in order to ensure their clients about the quality of their writers’ work, but they also need to provide an open and transparent review system on their websites, so that customers and prospects could express their thought and experiences publicly.

More importantly, a top quality writing service should always give the client a chance to meet the writer assigned to their project. Namely, the customer should always be able to inquire the writer about their qualifications and experience in the field, and make a sound decision afterward. Moreover, the service should provide a list of writers with academic degrees in the customer’s study field.

Plagiarism Prevention

Every professional writing service should have a clear and strict policy about plagiarism. They should guarantee that the texts they create are 100% custom and original, as well transferring ownership to the clients themselves. Moreover, they should provide proof of possession of an antiplagiarism software.

Meeting Deadlines

A good writing service does not blindly guarantee that they could meet any deadline. When it comes to deadlines, especially tight deadlines, professional writing services always consult both the writer and the client, and negotiate for the best solution for the client. Moreover, professionals always inform the client about the writing process – time needed for the first draft, time for revision and comments, etc. Most importantly, reliable services never break the deadlines which are agreed upon.

Support Service

Often overlooked, every professional writing service should provide 24/7 customer support, able to cater to every client’s needs and issues. Good customer service agents offer the possibility for both textual and voice communication. Lastly, they should be well informed about the ordering process, the number and type of service which the platform offers, the writers and their qualifications, etc.