08 Jan

GradeMiners.com review


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Many things confused me about the content on the site of Grademiners.com, even from the beginning. First of all, why would a company put an accent of 5 hours if their shortest deadline is 3 hours? Secondly, what is really ‘’all application job package’’?

What interested me, even more, was the fact that their website is filled with informational content on almost every paper ordered, even a couple articles on some papers – and all of it was really, really repetitive. I ended up spending hours reading irrelevant information, while I couldn’t find some key details about their services or discounts.

To write this grademiners review I decided to take a step forward and actually order. Here is what I learned by doing so.

Range of Services

As I said, there are many pages with information about different papers, but the total list is only to be found in the calculator. When I finally got to it, I was pleased to see a full list with many options for students, including even assistance with job applications. I still cannot fully understand what the package ‘’all application job’’ is since, not only does the name make no sense, but there is no detailed information on the website.

Pricing, Discounts and Payment Policies

When I placed my first order, I got a 10% off it, but this was a limited offer and I don’t know how long it will remain online. Other than that, the discount policy is very strange and I disliked it a lot compared to others I’ve seen. Why? Because you make an order and from the amount, you spend on that order, you get 5% bonus points for the next order you make. So, you don’t progress as a regular, but get a better price if you spend more. It’s a bit annoying if you ask me.

Other than the discount programs, the prices are perfectly fine. I don’t believe a high school student would order a paper in 20 days, so I didn’t even consider the lowest rate ($11.86). Still, the rest of the rates are good news for students like me who have a limited budget to spend.

Writers’ Qualifications and Content Quality

Prices at Grade Miners were not so low for me to anticipate the content quality or more specifically, the lack of it. For that price, students can get better content from many companies. This service seems to have aced their prices and made a very long list of services they can be proud to show, but the content is a completely different situation.

I cannot complain about the format of the term paper I got or the accuracy it had. It was definitely proofread before it was sent to me, but the number of actual cited sources was too low for even a term paper of a single page (mine was 5 pages long). Moreover, the style was less than satisfactory and clearly stated that the writer wasn’t really as qualified as the site claims all writers are.


Fortunately, I found no stolen content in my term paper delivered by grademiners. The very few sources cited were properly cited, but their number was too limited.

Meeting Deadlines

Since the writer delivered my term paper two hours after the agreed time, I decided to test how well their guarantees work. I didn’t expect a refund for a two-hour delay, though this is something students should be offered by a company that misses a deadline.

To my surprise, the company did nothing to amend this. They did offer one of their free revisions, but what good can a revision do if you cannot submit your term paper at the scheduled time?

Support service

To ask about the guarantees I had to contact the support service. This was easy to do since they have a live chat that is available all the time, and to my positive surprise, they respond very fast.

The bad news here is that, the customer service turned out from very pleasant to very unpleasant and slow when I mentioned my issue about the deadline. I was passed on from one agent to another until the sixth agent finally said she can only offer a revision.


The behavior of the customer service at Grademiners.com was completely unacceptable, but I couldn’t complain about their fast service. As for the actual paper, the service wasn’t that fast – they missed the deadline and even then, the paper wasn’t good. The prices are very good, but with that quality, I don’t believe I’ll be ordering here ever again.