13 Aug

Expert-Writers.net Review


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As soon as I looked at the homepage of expert-writers.net, I found some interesting information. It is not every day that a writing service gives you a chance to pay by instalments. It looks like a really good offer because it would let me see how their writers work before I order a big paper.

But, soon after, I encountered some problems with their system. Here is what those problems were.


The service list was more than I expected. It even has resumes and cover letters, products for which the option for part instalment is not applicable. Soon after I tried to order, I learned that it’s not applicable in any case so basically, it’s a false advertisement.

For this expert-writers review, I actually went through with it and ordered. In the order form, you can select from one of their numerous service options, but you cannot click on or mark the option ‘I want to pay in parts’. I checked several paper kinds like essays, research papers, and even a dissertation. This option is not valid for any kind of paper, so I don’t see why they put it on their homepage.


Without a pricelist, I didn’t really have access to the prices. The only way to see what they were was to add my paper details. So, I can provide you with some examples of what prices at expert-writers are like:

  • A college essay in 14 days costs $22.33 per page
  • A PhD dissertation in 14 days costs $35.20 per page
  • A master’s level essay in 14 days costs $31.46 per page

These aren’t great prices. It’s not a cheap service at all. Expert-Writers reviews mention this very often and, combined with the negativity I read in them, it’s not a good bargain either.

Thankfully, there are some discounts. As soon as I opened the website, a pop up showed. It offered me 10% on my first purchase. But, judging from the fact that it was a pop up that not many students mention in their reviews, this might not be a standing offer. It’s a time-limited discount and there’s no other offer, not even for regulars.

This is the part that started the downfall of my review. But, it was the following that made me give them such low rating.


A service that does not have discounts is not very appreciated by customers. But, if the quality were good, the prices would not be so bad. However, my paper’s quality was not good. The biggest problem I had with it was the originality issue. It was plagiarized almost entirely, something that makes me entitled to a refund.

But, don’t trust their ‘money back guarantee’. They say that you can request a refund in 14 to 30 days. But, if I didn’t get one for a paper that had over 54% of plagiarism and a total of 34 mistakes in it, no one will.


Plagiarism is a continuous problem with Expert Writers. I experienced it first hand, but the number of students who shared the same story is very high, so it is obviously something that happens regularly.


The service met my deadline, that I can give them. However, with that kind of paper, there’s not much good to say about this either since my paper was of no use to me.


The support service is the part of the company that’s supposed to resolve issues like mine. It’s the core of the service and in this case, it was my only chance to save my money.

The paper was plagiarized, so it was of no use. I couldn’t edit it unless I rewrote it entirely. With the amount of mistakes and the plagiarism in it, I would much faster write an entirely new paper.

So, I spoke to the support and shared my big concerns. I requested a refund immediately as per their guarantee policy. I’ve waited for two weeks and no one responded. They didn’t even offer a revision.


After this kind of experience, I can only give the service a bad verdict. It wasn’t all bad because the service list was ok, and they meet my deadline. But, unless they hire a better support service and definitely, better writers, they’ll probably not fix the bad reputation they have with their customers. Also, them lying about the payment options is a serious problem that makes this service everything but trustworthy.