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I was looking for the best writing services online for a long term as I am terrible at writing essays or papers. A few of my classmates suggested EssayShark. In the first glance, I fell for the company as they have a great website – modern, stunning, and really witty. There are more reasons for a person to choose them. The most lucrative offer I thought was the no upfront payment policy that means I will not have to pay them before getting the paper. But as I got the paper, I must say, I was shocked.
Sit tight as I am going to share my experience with you. There are a lot of things you must know you are planning to place an order.

Ranges of Services

EssayShark.com has a unique way of working that is different from the rest of the companies out there. First of all, there is no list of services rather you can scan through the writers and check out the preview and only can place an order after you have liked the work of that particular writer. You can get almost every kind of academic writings from these writers. So, you will not have to worry about their service range being too narrow.

You can even chat with the writers directly and work with the writer. As I have said, I don’t have an issue with the system of Essay Shark – it is brilliant.

Pricing, Discounts, and Payment Policies

Again, there are no specified price tags on the services. Each writer has a predetermined price. You can choose the writers as per your budget. So, I cannot say much about the pricing as you can choose the pricing which gives you more freedom and control over the whole process. Prices at EssayShark starts from $16.7 per page.

But there is a downside of this modern approach too, there is no discount. I know, it’s a bummer!
There is another thing that seemed narrow to is the payment policy. They don’t accept credit or debit cards! You can only send the payment via PayPal or G2A Pay. I know PayPal is widely popular but I am not sure about the G2A Pay.

Writers’ Qualification and Content Quality

This is where everything gets tricky. As I was short on budget, I was looking for some of the cheapest solutions available for me. Luckily, I even got one. I requested for the preview as suggested by Essay Shark. The preview seemed okay and thought to go for it.

When I got the full paper, I was utterly disappointed. The paper was not properly formatted, there are grammatical mistakes here and there, even some parts seemed totally copied from Wikipedia.
There is no point of being happy about how innovative a company is if you get the final product wrong. Yes, there is a chance that I was unlucky and ended up giving the project to a wrong writer.

But they shouldn’t have allowed such poor writer in the first place. If they EssayShark actually a good company they should have a good screening process to find out the best writers possible.


As I screened through the whole paper there some paragraphs that seemed to have odd formatting as I was guessing that the paper might be plagiarized. So, decided to run a couple of plagiarism tests. The result was horrible! It was 52% plagiarized. There was no way I could submit the paper, it hurt my grades really bad.

Meeting Deadlines

I didn’t find any issue with the deadline. It was submitted a few hours before the due time. But there is no point of praising the deadline meeting trait if you are getting a paper that you cannot submit.

Support Services

Finally, I decided to complain to the customer support regarding the issue. I asked whether I can get a free revision or not. The customer service team assured me that they would look into the matter and I could get revisions. However, by the time I got the final copy, I already missed the deadline.


Overall, I had a horrible experience. Yes, the company has a brand-new strategy regarding operation and website. But when it comes to paper quality and plagiarism, it really bites the dust. So, I will give EssayShark.com a rating of 5 out of 10.