10 Oct

EduBirdie.com review

edubirdie.com review


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Most companies take over the entire choice when you send them your order. They give you fixed prices and it is up to you to determine if you want them. Edubirdie.com is the other type of service – one that lets writers bid on your papers and let you choose the price and the writer.

In my experience, there are pros of both systems, but there are also many cons. To ace the bidding system, a service has to overcome many barriers. From what I could see, to begin with, the barrier with prices that are too low and clearly say ‘bad content’ is resolved here, since there is a minimum rate of $18 per page set.

Once I noticed this, I was even more intrigued to place an order.

Range of Services

Services are a definite pro of bidding companies. Surely, there are companies who select your writers and have fixed prices, and still have a large or unlimited range of services. With bidding services, they have it all.

Still, there are no guarantees that you’ll get your paper here. You can freely order whatever you wish, but Edu Birdie lets writers do their bidding, meaning that you are not guaranteed to get the paper you requested.

In this particular case, I believe you will get bids since I got over thirty in an hour. It is a lengthy choosing process and takes some time to gather bids, but this means that at this point, Edubirdie did well in terms of number of writers.

Pricing, Discounts and Payment Policies

The second point of my research was still considerably good. With the minimal rate, the company makes sure that you don’t get papers at prices that are so ridiculous, you cannot even expect good content. It showed me that they hire good writers, though at my big surprise, over 20 of the bidders on my order chose the lowest price. This didn’t indicate that they have highly experienced writers, because the best ones bid higher for a Master’s level. It indicated that they have many writers who lack the experience but are still allowed to bid.

Writers’ Qualifications and Content Quality

I noticed the issue right away so I took my time. Out of those many bids I spent another hour looking into, I eliminated the ones without the necessary experience and chose a bit of a higher price. This means that edubirdie.com is not a cheap bidding company at all, at least not if you are aiming to get an experienced writer.

Even so, I was still disappointed with the content quality. In fact, the content quality was clearly low because the writer I chose was not fluent in English, which only showed me that the portfolios aren’t really real on this website. This is the biggest error a bidding service can make, and edubirdie.com has certainly made it.


My essay might not have been good, but it was original. This also means that I had no basis for a revision since apparently, Edubirdie doesn’t guarantee revisions on the basis that you don’t like your content. Even though I pointed out that their writer was definitely not native or experienced as his profile said, I did not get a free revision or a refund, or anything else of the kind.

Meeting Deadlines

Deadline was not a problem, which was another reason why I didn’t get a refund. Edu Birdie seems to be doing fine in terms of meeting deadlines, and in my case this was confirmed.

Support Service

At the point when I had to contact the support service, I was already too mad at the company. I chose to pay a higher bid because I trusted the writers’ profiles and believed that the company double-checks their writers, but it turned out to be otherwise.

I still contacted the support service to ask for a solution to my problem. The agents were very polite, but the fact that they convinced me that their writers are native speakers was outrageous for me, especially since I specifically pointed out to sentences in their writing that literally made no sense. I didn’t get any good service from them, even though they maintained their professionalism during our conversations.


A professional customer service and a finely arranged pricing system is far from enough for a bidding service to be a good one. In the case with Edubirdie.com, the paper quality indicated two things – the writers’ profiles there aren’t to be trusted and high bids don’t always indicate experienced writers. That being said, I don’t believe this is a quality company worthy of your trust.