25 Mar

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There has been much fuss about the paper writing online solution DoMyWriting.com. So, I was quite hyped about them and naturally did my fair share of research before placing an order at them. But, as you know, you cannot judge the online reviews entirely as most of them are paid either to promote or sabotage a company’s reputation. My primary evaluation of DoMyWriting is they are cheap and offers a great range of services for the students.

But are they actually good enough? Stick with me throughout the whole review as I share my experience with you guys.

Ranges of Services

As I have said earlier, Do My Writing has a wide collection of services at their arsenal. They offer services to five different educational levels from high school to the Ph.D. candidates. As for the type of paper, you can get almost any kind of writing that you might need. If I were to list out all of their services it would become too long and boring. Rather you should just check out their services from their website. I have talked with the customer service team and they actually provide all of them, it’s not fluff.

Pricing, Discounts, and Payment Policies

The very feature I loved most about DoMyWriting is its reasonable and affordable pricing policy. I think the policymakers of the company did quite some research before fixing the pricing for their services. They calculate the price depending on four parameters – education level, type of assignment, deadline, and the number of pages.

A college level essay starts at the $14/per page if you have set the deadline to be two weeks. This rate excludes different discounts. If you can add up the discounts, you might get it done even at a lower price point.

When I was checking out the website for discounts, I was a bit disappointed. The only discount you are going to get the “first timer” discount and that is only a 5% reduction in the total fee.
As for the payment policy, they accept three kinds of payment systems – MasterCard, Visa, and PayPal. I personally believe they need to work on more available payment systems that are popular on the market right now.

Writers’ Qualification and Content Quality

Every online academic writing company says that they have the best writers available. But in rare cases this is true. I was really hoping that DoMyWriting will provide me a good piece of essay. Sadly, I was disappointed as I had to learn the truth in a hard way – by paying for a bad piece of paper.
The writer didn’t do much research on the topic and stitched together some common resources available online and made me a paper which was a terrible and in no way, I could submit that to my professor.


Another disappointing part of the service of Do My Writing is the amount of plagiarism I found in my paper. It was a whopping 89% plagiarized. Seems like the writer didn’t bother to WRITE the paper. He just copied different resource materials from here and there and gave it to me.

Meeting Deadlines

One of the main reason people seek professional help is to submit the paper within a specified deadline. I got the paper 1 day after the mentioned deadline time. I was lucky that it didn’t pass the deadline for me to submit it to my teacher. I was a really poor display from DoMyWriting and this could be another huge downfall of their service.

Support Service

First, I was happy with their customer support as the team was really friendly and guided me to place the order. You can contact them via live chat, direct phone call or a traditional e-mail.

After getting the substandard paper, I was furious and sad at the same time. I wanted a complete refund as in no way I would spend my money on some paper that I cannot submit. Even their website clearly says that they offer a money back guarantee, their customer service team disagreed to send me the refund. They said I was making a false accusation as there was nothing wrong with the paper!

Such unprofessional and rude behavior is really not acceptable from a service providing company. And that is the main reason I am writing this review for you guys.


Finally, I want to say that DoMyWriting.com might seem to be a good company at first but you should abstain from taking their services. Yes, they offer a wide range of services at a reasonable price but the quality and the pathetic behavior from the customer support ruined my experience. Overall, I can give it a rating of 5 out of 10 at best.