15 Nov

College-Paper.org review

College-paper.org review





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I never go blindly into getting papers, at least not after the many negative experiences I’ve had at this point. So, before I went ahead and ordered from college-paper.org, my first task was to see where they stand on their market. College-Paper looks like an extremely promising choice, which is why I proceeded with my order.

Range of Services

College-paper.org website had everything I could ever ask for. They offer to help out with essay tasks and everything up to complex, lengthy dissertations. The services even include programming which I probably won’t need, but it was nice to see that I am dealing with a writing company with so much expertise.

Pricing, Discounts and Payment Policies

Pricing was the part that got me a bit concerned. Because of my budget and, what I believe is the budget of most of my student friends, I expected lower rates in return for the services provided by this company. When I saw that list on the pricing page and the starting quote of $19.99 for the standard quality, which is the lowest and fits the lowest academic levels, I almost changed my mind about them. Their reputation might say it is worth it, but I could not possibly afford to pay that much in the long run.

Thankfully, the discounts and features and payment policies gave me a piece of mind and literally convinced me to continue with the order. For the very first order, I was given 15% off, which made that high rate bearable and honestly, even great for the quality. For all future orders, I get lifelong discounts based on how much I’ve ordered by the specific point. Only 15 pages took me to 5% off on all orders, that is until I get to 51 page for 10% and a 101 page for 15%. It certainly makes it look more appealing.

Writers’ Qualifications and Content Quality

According to what their site says, the writers are exquisite. They are all supposed to be native writers with their high degrees from great universities. It was a relief to see that the content quality fit all these qualifications information, so I was extremely pleased that I didn’t give up on them the first time I saw that pricelist.

After receiving what was one of the greatest research papers I’ve gotten, I could confirm that the writers are qualified to do their job. A premium quality option is the second, the middle option from the three and still, I’d say my paper was top-notch. It was not plagiarized, which I value the most, and it was written perfectly, without mistakes or any mishaps regarding my formatting instructions.


As I mentioned, there wasn’t anything that showed stolen content in the research paper. It was all original and written with what I believe is a great set of skills. I could see that the writer put a lot of effort into writing my research paper.

Meeting Deadlines

None of the things I’ve mentioned so far matter to me if a company misses deadlines. And believe me, there are many who do and don’t take any measures to repair the damage they do to students. College Paper did nothing of the kind, so I am quite relieved to learn that they are reliable. No discount or quality in the world would fix missing a deadline a professor assigned because, if you have professors like mine, you wouldn’t be able to submit that paper after the deadline at all. What good would it be then?

I ordered this research paper within a week, which is a reasonable deadline. It was assigned to me a week before that and I put an order in just as soon as I realized I have no other way out. Thankfully, they sent it to me a day before, so I had the time to read and ask for revisions if I needed any. I didn’t in this case, but it was sure nice to know that I had the option. And they offer them free of charge.

Support Service

During the waiting part for the research paper, as well as before I even ordered it, I was served by a fine, very friendly support service. One of their agents told me about the free revisions and explained the process for placing the order, while the other one checked the progress for me and informed me within fifteen minutes from the point when I asked. In my experience, this is a very good support service, fast and functional.


All I’ve learned after I ordered from college-paper.org is good and confirms those reviews I read prior to choosing to take this step. The rates are reasonable once you add the discounts and the quality measures up to the price you pay and your instructions. It is a good service.