06 Dec

PaperNow.org review

papernow.org review

In my preliminary search for the reputation of Papernow.org, something I do before I order from any paper, I found only a few comments from peer students who have used it. They were all average and some were really bad. Now, this means that either it was too new to have many customers, or that they aren’t really as great as they say they are. To learn the answer, I made my order from PaperNow.
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20 Nov

BoomEssays.com review

BoomEssays.com Review

Just recently, I’ve tried this company called academized.com and when I looked at Boomessays.com for the very first time, I didn’t really catch the resemblance. It was later when I saw the samples and the prices that I realized that this is most likely the same companies. They tell you that there are such tricks in services and once you know, you can’t miss the hints.
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15 Nov

College-Paper.org review

College-paper.org review

I never go blindly into getting papers, at least not after the many negative experiences I’ve had at this point. So, before I went ahead and ordered from college-paper.org, my first task was to see where they stand on their market. College-Paper looks like an extremely promising choice, which is why I proceeded with my order.
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09 Nov

Academized.com review

Academized.com review

Academized.com is so cheap, it looks too good to be true. Their rates are a bit over the minimum and while this sounds great for most, my experience gives me a bad feeling about companies with rates that cannot really fit the promises they make. For example, Academized mentions cheapest prices and highest quality. If this were true, it would be the greatest offer of them all. However, to really see, I had to make my own order and see how it goes.
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05 Nov

PapersOwl.com review

PapersOwl.com Review

I really like the option to choose my writer, it gives me some idea of having power. Of course, I can’t always do this because it takes most of the time I don’t really have, choosing the writers and looking into the bidders. Still, it is refreshing when you consider that most just take your order and choose everything for you. Unfortunately, I still haven’t found a company like that which I genuinely like, but Papersowl.com looked quite alright when I looked at their site.
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25 Oct

EssayHave.com review

EssayHave.com Review

With a bit of a tricky website and finely tuned prices, EssayHave.com looks very appealing at first sight. I can’t possibly rank them low on the scale of services that write papers, but I don’t believe they deserve the highest spots, either. Based on what I got from their writers and the experience I had from using the website, I can say that this service is somewhat average when compared to others I’ve ordered from.
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23 Oct

BestDissertation.com review

Don’t let the name mislead you – Bestdissertation.com isn’t a company that writes just dissertations. Their writers seem to be highly educated and very, very fast at doing their job, which obviously is the reason why they are popular for such complicated papers. But, this doesn’t mean that you can’t get other papers here. And since dissertations are very popular on this site, I decided that this is the best way to truly test their quality. Read this review to see what I’ve learned after placing my dissertation chapter order.
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18 Oct

SuperiorPapers.com review

SuperiorPapers.com Review

It wasn’t a long time ago that I’ve first tested the academic writing with SuperiorPapers Ever since I’ve been ordering more and more papers. Thanks to the impression their writers left with me, I barely do any of my papers without their help anymore.

My research of the company began with a review of their website. If you open superiorpapers.com, you will see what any other student sees – a great website design and offers that instantly catch your eye. But, this is basically what every similar company does, making design the least relevant factors of them all. This is where I proceeded with my research.
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10 Oct

EduBirdie.com review

edubirdie.com review

Most companies take over the entire choice when you send them your order. They give you fixed prices and it is up to you to determine if you want them. Edubirdie.com is the other type of service – one that lets writers bid on your papers and let you choose the price and the writer.

In my experience, there are pros of both systems, but there are also many cons. To ace the bidding system, a service has to overcome many barriers. From what I could see, to begin with, the barrier with prices that are too low and clearly say ‘bad content’ is resolved here, since there is a minimum rate of $18 per page set.

Once I noticed this, I was even more intrigued to place an order.
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04 Oct

BestEssays.com review

bestessays.com review

The idea of getting professionals to do my papers sounded scary at first, but after I finally came across some who actually do what they say, I found that it is an excellent idea. BestEssays is one of the few companies that truly impressed our team and after my experience with them; I can hardly find a bad word to say about their writers.

But, first things first. I started with a research of the website bestessays.com. The information is right there at everyone’s disposal to see and by the end of my order with them, I found no flaw or lie in the content. This is the point when I decided to proceed to look at the range of services.
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