20 Nov

BoomEssays.com review

BoomEssays.com Review


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Just recently, I’ve tried this company called academized.com and when I looked at Boomessays.com for the very first time, I didn’t really catch the resemblance. It was later when I saw the samples and the prices that I realized that this is most likely the same companies. They tell you that there are such tricks in services and once you know, you can’t miss the hints.

Range of Services

The range of services should have been my first sign because the two companies have the exact same categories: academic paper writing, rewriting, proofreading, editing, copywriting, admission services, dissertation services, resume services, and multiple choice questions. In all of these categories there are plenty of different offers, whether it is for essays or dissertation chapters, or even resumes you can use to apply for jobs once you are finally done writing those papers.

It’s always good to see such a big list. It means that if I do like the rest of the things a company offers, I could use it until I finish. In this case, even after that.

Pricing, Discounts and Payment Policies

When I had the chance to look at the pricelist, it hit me – it is the same pricelist I looked at not so long ago. Perhaps if it has been longer, I wouldn’t notice the resemblance, but the fact that half of the site’s features are pretty much the same makes this very obvious.

For those who don’t know of my experience with the other site, the prices here are cheap. BoomEssays has really cheap prices that begin at $12.99 for essays and only $5.99 for editing for high school level. It isn’t the cheapest I’ve seen so far, but it comes really close. And with the discounts, it comes right there on the top of the list of cheapest services.

If you are new here like I was, you get 15%. If you are coming back to order some more, it depends on how much you’ve ordered until that point. Basically, you can get three discounts based on the orders you’ve made: 5%, 10%, or 15%. Once you get them, they are yours for all orders you make in the future.

Unfortunately, I still haven’t come across a company with this kind of pricing and high quality of content. It simply doesn’t fit – to hire extraordinary writers for such a low fee. But, Boom Essays seems to have made many promises that make you believe exactly that.

Writers’ Qualifications and Content Quality

This time I went and ordered a research paper to give the writers a little more to work on. I gave them a week, which turned out to be very cheap for me because of the 15% I got as a first-time customer. This was great for me and I can assume that it would be great news for any student, but for that quality, I don’t think I’ll be calling them back to order some more.

I say this because of the exact same issues I had with the previous company, and similar to the, BoomEssays missed my deadline of a week, and what I expected the quality was significantly worse. It was as if I gave them a completely different topic and set of instructions. Nothing fit and nothing was like I expected it. Even the grammar and punctuation was wrong, not to mention the terrible, terrible formatting skills of the writer.


Plagiarism was an issue here as well. I didn’t have much hope that they’ll refund me for it because of my previous experience, but I still downloaded a report from a plagiarism software to try.

Meeting Deadlines

As I’ve mentioned before, Boom Essays didn’t meet my deadline (they missed it for 2 days). I gave them plenty of time for what I believe was a short research paper and they did it poorly, so I had to order it again from another website I find to be more reliable and pay triple the price I would have paid if I ordered it there in the first place.

Support Service

Their support service is equally polite as was my experience with the company, and they literally sent me the same explanations as to why they reject my refund request. After ordering from both, I could see that their agents have prepared responses to such questions, which is a terrible sign that this happens very often and to many students like myself.


No cheap prices are sufficient reason to order from companies that steal content from websites and online sources, especially now when a single software can tell you this has happened. And since Boomessays.com does not take any responsibility for the plagiarism in their papers, I don’t believe I’ll be ordering here ever again.