04 Oct

BestEssays.com review

bestessays.com review


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The idea of getting professionals to do my papers sounded scary at first, but after I finally came across some who actually do what they say, I found that it is an excellent idea. BestEssays is one of the few companies that truly impressed our team and after my experience with them; I can hardly find a bad word to say about their writers.

But, first things first. I started with a research of the website bestessays.com. The information is right there at everyone’s disposal to see and by the end of my order with them, I found no flaw or lie in the content. This is the point when I decided to proceed to look at the range of services.

Range of Services

The list provided as a dropdown menu on the homepage is a bit vague and confusing, but not because the company provides less than it says in it. I was a bit surprised to see that they offer a couple dozens more papers than those in this list, and these can only be noticed if you check the form for ordering or price calculation.

Their website could use some improvement in this, but I am still quite pleased with the range of services I found there – it has anything I could ask for, ever.

bestessays.com services

Pricing, Discounts and Payment Policies

Best Essays has been doing this for a while, so I assumed that their prices aren’t very low. And I was right. Even though $19.99 per page isn’t exaggerated, it is still more than I could afford what I believe is an average budget of a student.

Thankfully, this is not really what happens when you order – you don’t pay those prices, ever. If you are new like I was, you get a great 15% discount for the order. The discounts for those who return to order again are progressive and lead to that nice number once again – when you order 100 pages of content. The best part about this is that these discounts last forever.

Writers’ Qualifications and Content Quality

Writers are exactly as I was promised they’d be. When I read about bestessays.com online, I found only nice words about the writers, and reviews were not lying. I got my research paper the very first time I ordered and it was more than fine. Filled with some finely written content that contained no plagiarism or mistakes of any kind, I couldn’t be happier with the choice of a company.

Considering that I’ve chosen the second quality option offered since I was almost a Bachelor at the time, it seems like I made the right choice for my academic level.


As mentioned previously, there was nothing that would indicate stolen or borrowed content in my research paper. I double checked before submitting it – zero plagiarism for a research paper of ten pages.

Meeting Deadlines

Deadlines never seemed to be an issue, and they weren’t an issue when the time came for me to test Best Essays. Not only did this company meet my expectations, but they didn’t miss the deadline for as little as a minute. In fact, I got it a couple hours before I was expecting it, which was quite the relief for a student who is trying a company for the very first time.

Support Service

Perhaps one of the favorite things about Bestessays.com was the communication with the customer service. I will share with you the reasons why I liked the support service. Firstly, they are always there and by always, I mean every day of the week, even outside of regular work hours. So, I could get my research paper in three hours, if I needed it.

Secondly, they are very pleasant to talk to. They respond faster than any other customer service I’ve tested so far, meaning that they probably have many agents on board. And finally, I didn’t even have to ask a question – the agents voluntarily provided me with the information I needed, and I didn’t have to look around their big website at all.


In my time as a student, I’ve tried many services to find the perfect one and help others do the same. When it comes to a perfect company, BestEssays is one definitely comes closest to my incredibly high expectations. Their prices are just the right fit for both my limited budget and the quality I expect to get, and the quality has never been an issue.