23 Oct

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Don’t let the name mislead you – Bestdissertation.com isn’t a company that writes just dissertations. Their writers seem to be highly educated and very, very fast at doing their job, which obviously is the reason why they are popular for such complicated papers. But, this doesn’t mean that you can’t get other papers here. And since dissertations are very popular on this site, I decided that this is the best way to truly test their quality. Read this review to see what I’ve learned after placing my dissertation chapter order.

Range of Services

bestdissertation services

As I said, dissertations aren’t the only thing you can get from BestDissertation. It is a bit annoying how misleading the name is, but the site clearly lists all others services, so you shouldn’t have a problem looking at them once you open it.

When you do open it, you’ll see a full list with dozens of papers in addition to a dissertation service. As for the famous dissertation service, this is also split into different services: full dissertation, chapters of dissertations, editing of dissertations, etc.

Pricing, Discounts and Payment Policies

Prices are exactly as I imagined them to be, even a bit lower. Popular services tend to have similar pricing, even though some of the good ones tend to exaggerate. This one definitely doesn’t, with the pricing that starts at $17.99 for a page for dissertations, and from $14.99 for an essay, and the discounts I couldn’t believe.

The first order I made cost me very little thanks to the 20% off I got as a first-time buyer. After that, Best Dissertation places customers into a loyalty program and awards them with bigger lifetime discounts after almost every order. The requirements for this are clear on the website so that there isn’t a misunderstanding. The highest lifelong discount you can get is 15% off, which is excellent for any student.

Writers’ Qualifications and Content Quality

The writers aren’t just qualified – they are dissertation writers. So, even if you choose to get essays or research papers, you can select a high quality level and get one of the PhD writers. Even if you don’t, it is still not bad – you get an MA expert with experience.

As I said, I ordered a dissertation chapter from them. The chapter was exquisite – written in a fine, professional style with proper referencing and a full list of resources. It was more than I expected and I wished I ordered the whole piece with my first order (I’d have enjoyed that 20% on the total price if I did).


Plagiarism was not at all present in my chapter. The writer obviously did great research because he listed numerous sources and truly backed up the dissertation claims. Still, nothing was plagiarized, which was a relief.

Meeting Deadlines

Missing a deadline would be the most terrible thing despite the fine quality I got, but this didn’t happen at all. The chapter I ordered in a week came in no more than six days, which was a day earlier than I expected it. It gave me just the right amount of time to check it and, if I needed changes, to contact and ask for them.

Thankfully, I didn’t need them but if I did, it was nice to know that they offer them free of charge.

Support Service

Bestdissertation.com has disappointed me a bit in terms of their customer support. I cannot really complain about their abilities to do their job or their knowledge of the company’s policies, but I did have to wait long to be served.

Thankfully, they do have a non-stop customer service, so I had to wait around 15 minutes or so. This is also a sign that they have many customers, which means that others share my good experience, too. Still, the speed of responding to customers’ requests and messages can be improved with a bigger group of agents on the live chat.

If you are in a hurry, I’d recommend the phone option. They answer within seconds and are equally professional as the agents on the live chat.


With those finely tuned prices and discounts for everyone, I saw no reason why I wouldn’t try out bestdissertation.com. They have more to offer than just dissertations, but I still tested that particular service since they are quite popular for it. It turned out to be a nice choice, and if they do dissertations as well as my experience tells me, they should be great at doing other papers, too.