05 Feb

15 Popular Myths About Personal Development

With another year passing by, you probably have that sinking feeling again: everyone around you is experiencing personal development, except you. The idea is everywhere you look—on social media, in your family circle, within your friend group, and even amongst your coworkers. You notice people growing and changing before your eyes. These changes take the form of a new diet fad, a “spiritual awakening”, a newfound love for meditation, or better health habits. They all chalk it up to personal development…but what exactly does that mean?

The ultimate goal of personal development is to show that you are becoming a better person. It can even be stated that your own life is a journey of personal development. Our society has created an entire industry that promotes these principles of self-growth. However, most people yearn so much for the “key factor” or “secret ingredient” to a more prosperous and abundant life that they are willing to give both time and money to gimmicks that simply end up being empty promises.
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05 Feb

6 Steps To Master Writing in a Foreign Language

Learning a new language is a great way to boost your career prospects, explore new cultures, and to expand your mind positively. Perhaps your are part of a multinational team, and you need to communicate with team members in a language other than your native tongue.

When you are learning a foreign language, one of the essential steps in the process is learning to write well in that language.

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23 Aug

UsEssayWriters.com Review

There’s nothing more annoying to me than a service that makes vague statements. So, when I read the statement of usessaywriters.com that said: ‘Have top 2% experts write your essay’. Top 2% of what?

I went through the entire homepage hoping that they’d elaborate on this statement. But, the rest of the content was the same with all other companies. They promise great papers, US experts, amazing prices, and whatnot.

This is obviously what every company of this kind has promised me, so all that I had left to do was actually check how trustworthy they are. In my USessaywriters review, you’ll learn all about them.
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13 Aug

Expert-Writers.net Review

As soon as I looked at the homepage of expert-writers.net, I found some interesting information. It is not every day that a writing service gives you a chance to pay by instalments. It looks like a really good offer because it would let me see how their writers work before I order a big paper.

But, soon after, I encountered some problems with their system. Here is what those problems were.
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09 Jul

6DollarEssay.com Review

It’s so exciting when you find a service that combines low rates and speaks of great quality. 6dollaressay.com goes even further – they offer the lowest price I’ve seen and speak of the ‘top leading essay writing services in the US’. It sounds too good to be true and if I consider the terrible 6dollaressay reviews I’ve read, it actually is.

Still, everyone is worth a shot, so I continued with the research as I always do to write this 6 dollar essay review.

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03 Jul

WritingEssaYeast.com Review

To someone who doesn’t know much about writing companies, quotes of $6 and statements like ‘the best ever writing service’ is the best news ever. To me who has ordered online more than I can count, the price is the reddest flag ever. This, in fact, is the lowest one I have seen and the service Writingessayeast.com actually has it.

First, I started with the WritingEssayEast website. To me, most of their statement were unnecessary and at times, cheesy. What kind of a statement from a professional service is ‘East or West – essay is best’? But, this is irrelevant data, so I let it slide. Let’s see what happened when I check the remaining features for my Writingessayeast review.

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10 Jun

NinjaEssays.com review

There isn’t any doubt that Ninjaessays.com is big and still growing. I first heard of it from a friend of mine but, as always, I sat down and started reading Ninjaessays reviews before I made an investment to get a paper from them. Most of these reviews, and there are thousands of them on the wide web, were very impressive. It has become clear to me why this company pops up into conversations and search engines when I look for help with writing. All of this convinced me to finally order and evaluate the service and write my Nina Essays review.
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10 May

Speedypaper.com review

The first time the search for a company gave me Speedy Paper as an option, I had never heard of this service. But, once I checked the site and read some Speedypaper reviews on it, I was left with a nice impression and I almost instantly ordered. It was a short time after that I discovered things that weren’t so obvious in the beginning. That’s when I started researching for my own Speedy Paper review and decided to share the findings with you all.

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05 Apr

EssayShark.com review

I was looking for the best writing services online for a long term as I am terrible at writing essays or papers. A few of my classmates suggested EssayShark. In the first glance, I fell for the company as they have a great website – modern, stunning, and really witty. There are more reasons for a person to choose them. The most lucrative offer I thought was the no upfront payment policy that means I will not have to pay them before getting the paper. But as I got the paper, I must say, I was shocked.
Sit tight as I am going to share my experience with you. There are a lot of things you must know you are planning to place an order.
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25 Mar

DoMyWriting.com review

There has been much fuss about the paper writing online solution DoMyWriting.com. So, I was quite hyped about them and naturally did my fair share of research before placing an order at them. But, as you know, you cannot judge the online reviews entirely as most of them are paid either to promote or sabotage a company’s reputation. My primary evaluation of DoMyWriting is they are cheap and offers a great range of services for the students.

But are they actually good enough? Stick with me throughout the whole review as I share my experience with you guys.
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