09 Nov

Academized.com review

Academized.com review


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Academized.com is so cheap, it looks too good to be true. Their rates are a bit over the minimum and while this sounds great for most, my experience gives me a bad feeling about companies with rates that cannot really fit the promises they make. For example, Academized mentions cheapest prices and highest quality. If this were true, it would be the greatest offer of them all. However, to really see, I had to make my own order and see how it goes.

Range of Services

Academized isn’t focused on a single service or an academic level. When I see such lists, I am relieved because I know that I can order all my assignments there if the quality part goes well. From companies that hand out only a specific type of paper or have small lists, I can’t really get this.

On their website, I’ve found numerous offers for papers. These start with essays and move to dissertations, presentations, and even admission and resume services. Basically, they offer to take you through the education start to finish, plus help you write your first job application.

Pricing, Discounts and Payment Policies

I mentioned this at the beginning, but to show you how cheap the rates really are, I’d like to put some numbers out here. The very cheapest essay is $12.99 for a page and editing services begin at only $5.99 for a page. It might not be the lowest I’ve seen, but it is definitely a red flag for me. I simply can’t expect to get the greatest writer and pay such a low price, especially when I consider the rate after the discounts.

Discounts aren’t low, either, making the price somewhere in the cheapest I’ve seen so far. As a first-time customer of theirs, I got my 15% discount on the essay. It turned that low rate into a lower rate, so I can assume that many find these rates inviting in combination with their quality promises.
If the quality part went well, which it didn’t for me, it would be a great company to order from even in the long run. The prices are great as they are, but I was also given a loyalty program option where, if I return to order more, I can get the 15% discount on all my future orders after I order 100 pages. Before that, I would get 5% and 10%.

Writers’ Qualifications and Content Quality

None of the things I discovered until this point was important when I received the essay that Academized writers made for me. It was extremely bad, nothing like the samples they posted on their website, and not at all compliant to those testimonials they brag with there. I now think that the testimonials are either hand-picked or fake, because there is no way that this kind of paper makes any student happy.

I say this because the essay I got was so badly written, I couldn’t understand half of it. It had some ridiculous errors that showed me that the writer might not have even been an English-native. No formatting, poor citing, and the worst part of it all – plagiarism all around.


My essay was plagiarized, well, almost start to finish. When I used a software to detect plagiarism, I could literally find the exact same page where the writer took all of his content. He didn’t even bother to use more source. Each of the sources listed in the essay was taken from there, even in parts that were well-rewritten and rephrased. If I were to submit this to my college, I’d not only get a low grade, but I could never recover from it with my professor.

Meeting Deadlines

As if the plagiarism wasn’t enough, their writer didn’t even manage to meet the deadline I set. It wasn’t too long, he delayed it for four hours only, but it would definitely pose a problem if I had to deliver the paper right after the deadline I set. Not that I would after looking at it, but missing deadlines is even more concerning.

Support Service

All of the issues I had with the delivery and the paper itself were more than enough to get me a refund. Instead, I got a response from what was initially a very pleasant agent, who literally told me that my paper is good and I have no right to demand anything. I even sent the plagiarism report from the software as a proof, but the agent politely said ‘they checked my request and decided that I am not eligible for a refund’. It was frustrating and ridiculous. What would make me eligible for it if not all this?


Everything Academized.com did on the website is good, and it would be great if it didn’t turn out to be fake, at least most of it. The prices are really as low as it says, but the quality is nothing like it is presented on their website.