About us

Our origin story goes a couple of years back, when a group of friends became freshmen at a prestigious American University. We never had the intention of growing this big, but it just happened and we took it as our duty to help other fellow students in need.

When we started university, all of us were full of zeal and fervor for our studies. We all had plans of academic grandeur and huge accomplishments. Thinking that we have what it takes to face anything that the university would throw at us, full of determination and certainty, we rushed head first into the first semester.

But it wasn’t long before we figured that things don’t always go according to plan. Week after a week, the workload started piling up and giving our best simply wasn’t enough. At first, we started coming up with these “brilliant” ideas for alternatives trying to cope with the pressure – we’d tried study groups, tutoring, online learning… Even skipping classes became a viable option. And no matter what we did, the assignments were just piling, and 5 out of 6 were falling severely behind with studying, with the 6th still falling behind, but not as much as the others, since he decided to reduce sleeping for the sake of studying.

Fast forward through the disappointing and rather depressing first semester, we knew that something needed to be done. We spent our winter break analyzing what went wrong – after all, we’d put our hearts and souls into our studies. In retrospect, it was all clear – writing tasks. We’ve come to the realization that all the coursework, papers, essays and whatnot had taken so much of our time and energy, that once the final exams kicked in we did not have enough time for actual studying. To make things worse, the majority of them were so dull, that no one was able to make anything out of them. In other words – waste of time.

After consulting with the official student bodies at the campus, we decided to try out a few online writing services in order to tackle the tedious writing assignments. Needless to say, at the beginning choosing a writing service was like playing the lottery – some of them offered an exquisite service and end products, other… well, not so much. We started working out an efficient and reliable rating system so that we could reduce the number of unknown variables when choosing a writing service. The initial couple of months in testing and assessing various writing services were rocky, but we’ve managed to implement a number of crucial parameters into the assessment system, ranging from price of service, discounts and payment policies, and customer support, all the way to antiplagiarism software, ability to adhere to tight deadlines, and range of writing services.

And all of a sudden, the midterm exams rolled in and everything seemed a lot simpler. The student life was still hard, but once we’ve taken the writing tasks out of the equation, the rest was manageable. Most importantly, our grades and performance, in general, started drastically improving.

The word of our “breakthrough” quickly spread around campus and people started asking for the fastest writing service, the most wide-ranging service, the most reliable writing service, etc. Eventually, students from other universities started contacting us and asking for our advice. And exactly a year later, our team of writing service review experts was approached by a large student union. They proposed to make the whole operation official – with the financial aid of a couple of student organizations and volunteers. That is how we’ve managed to build a professional platform aimed towards every student in need.

And, here we are – students helping students, aiding our colleagues who struggle to keep up with the pressure of university, tirelessly exploring and scrutinizing the Internet offering our student-friends much needed advice about the best online writing services and keeping them safe from the worst.