26 Feb

123Helpme.com review







Support Service


123helpme.com is a strange name for a company that helps with essay writing. According to them, they make essay writing easy as 1 2 3. But, if you thought that this is a traditional writing company that does the job for you, that isn’t true.

This isn’t a service that writes essays. Their offers are to help you do it on your own, by guiding you and pointing out to your mistakes. I’ve actually checked what they do for students and am happy to share the results to guide you. If you are interested in this, keep reading this review to see if the website is good or not.

Range of Services

Services don’t really exist on 123helpme.com. There is a plagiarism and grammar checker you can use to see if your paper is good and what needs to be changed. According to the site, one of their offers is to help you with essay writing. When you look closer, you’ll learn that they do this by providing articles with essay writing tips. There’s no other guidance or assistance offered by the service.

One of their so-called services is providing samples you can read free of charge. Since it is free of charge, you don’t have to worry about the wrong investment, but in my opinion, the samples aren’t worth your time.

Pricing, Discounts and Payment Policies

Since this is not a real company that provides real services, there is no list of prices. Basically, you can use all of their checkers and tips for free. You won’t have to enter your personal information or spend money on papers since 123helpme.com does not help in that way. Even though they seem like a writing service, all the help they offer is some tips for writing and free checkers for plagiarism and grammar errors.

Writers’ Qualifications and Content Quality

There aren’t writers employed at 123helpme, but the tips on the website that are supposed to teach students how to write papers better are quite poorly written. I found mistakes in them, which somewhat contradicts the entire purpose and quality of the grammar checker on the website.

In fact, people speak poorly of 123helpme.com online. They say that the plagiarism and grammar checkers are poorly designed and not thorough, so using this site to check your content might not be a great idea after all.

In addition to the tips for writing you can read on the site, 123helpme also has essay samples you can read and get inspired from. These essays aren’t all that great and honestly, you can find much better samples on other websites. In fact, we’ve found so many mistakes in the essay samples, I believe that students can hardly learn from the essays they read.


Since this is not a popular website in regard to their plagiarism checker, I cannot even say that they are legit about the ‘services’ they provide. Companies that aren’t known for their good plagiarism software and poorly grammar checkers aren’t a good idea, since this might be a trick to get the paper you put much effort into writing in the first place.

Meeting Deadlines

Considering that there aren’t papers to deliver or any service they provide, there aren’t deadlines the company should meet. In terms of the checkers, they only take seconds or in some cases, minutes.

But, there’s a limit as to how big a draft you can place there. I had to copy and paste parts of my text several times to check it all, and found out that their checkers miss out on some important errors and plagiarism. I put some errors and plagiarized sentences there on purpose, but they missed most of them.

In addition to this, the website loads quite slowly and on several occasions, I had to paste the text more than once because their software could not load it and check it for grammar errors or plagiarism.

Support Service

I didn’t expect a live chat from a service that isn’t really a service and does not charge for anything, but I did expect a number and an address that would confirm that they are legit. They have a contact field, but no one replied to my messages for the entire week I was waiting for a response. I contacted them to share my concerns about the flaws with the checkers, but still got no response.


123helpme.com is not a writing service, but a website where students can check papers for plagiarism and errors. However, seeing how there is hardly information about the website creator and the checkers are very bad at detecting anything, I have my doubts about the legitimacy of this company. I wouldn’t recommend pasting your hardly-written text into the field, especially not with so many similar sites where content is literally stolen from students.